Alex Garcia
I first started seeing Guillaume in 2010. As a professional mixed martial artist I take a lot of damage to my body both in training and in competition. If it wasn't for Guillaume, I wouldn't be where I am today, fighting for the biggest league in the world, the UFC. Guillaume has worked with me through both an ACL and Meniscus tear and with his help I have come back stronger. I have seen other physiotherapists in the past and from the first time I worked with Guillaume I knew he was above and beyond any others in his field. I continue to recommend him to not only my teammates but also to my friends who enjoy an active lifestyle. From the “hands on treatments”, to the cleanliness of the clinic, and the great energy of the entire staff, Physiomentum is the best therapy I have ever received!
Josée Bélanger
Thank you for your desire to help, your contagious passion and your generosity. In addition to your outstanding skills, you stand out with your sensitivity and your interest in your customer's health. Guillaume, you were able to make a difference at a critical time in my career and helped me succeed in my first professional experience. You’re concern with an injury? I recommend a visit to Physiomentum
Rory Macdonald
I come to Physiomentum because I am sure I have the best treatments that help me to be at the top of my performance. My osteopath Christophe has been with me for several years now, and I can't thank him enough for everything he does for me!